Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Cute Kids

Just indulge me for a moment while I post cute pictures of Stephen and Emma. They are getting so grown up. Emma is talking a mile a minute, loving her "Ste Ste" (Stephen), mimcing his every move, while Stephen is trying to figure out how to be a big boy in a big body. I love my kids!

Best Birthday Ever!

Stephen turned 9 years old on May 24. That in itself is a big day, starting off with birthday cake for breakfast! (Yes, for breakfast but only on your birthday!) Not only did Stephen celebrate his birthday but he won the 3rd grade Spelling Bee! and played the piano for the 3rd grade talent show all on his birthday! WOW! Parent's weren't allowed for the spelling bee and even though I work at the school, I stayed away. As I was walking in the halls, his teacher's aide grabbed me and told me to hurry to the gym because Stephen had just won the Bee! I began to get choked up as I watched him stand with his "trophy" and receive congratulations from his classmates. Later he played the piano, Cat Walk, for his talent and did an amazing job. I couldn't believe what an awesome and eventful day he had. Happy 9th buddy!


Watching Emma grow up is so fun to see myself reflected in her expressions and actions. I know that my mom had a hand in her creation. I can almost hear my mom say "you have a daughter just like you". It's true. I used to get into my mom's make-up and shoes and bags and jewlery and now Emma is paying me back. She is so cute, how could I stay mad for long? Emma may look like her dad or brother, but she is all me! Sundays are her "get into mommy's things" as we get all dressed up for church. Don't you just love the shoes and mascara?

Handy Man!

I know this may seem like a silly post for a blog, but I have to say that I am very proud of my husband, who will tell you himself, that he is not a handy man-type of guy. He would rather pay someone to tinker around our home, but as we are getting into deployment mode, we have several things to fix and replace. So, on a Friday afternoon, we headed to Lowes for a new kitchen faucet. The one we had was in desperate need of replacing (sorry dad!). Greg hunkered down and replaced the old with a beautiful new faucet! Emma "helped" too. Thanks Hon! It's the little things that make me love Greg even more than I already do!