Monday, October 31, 2011

A Warrior & A Princess

Here is how our Halloween went this year:

One Red Power Ranger

One Sleeping Beauty

4 bags of candy (gone in 45 minutes)

4 Halloween parties

Many happy smiles

Defending home and hearth

Emma was thrilled to be wearing some of mommy's make-up

Grandma Linda & Grandpa Cal at the school parade

Walking in the school Halloween Parade

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Autumn Activities

This fall has been filled with some fun activities for Stephen. He played community recreational soccer. The skill was there but the teams they played were way more intune with each other that all but one game Stephen's team lost. It was disappointing for him but those are the life lessons that make us stronger and more determined. He still had fun running around the field in his new soccer cleats. Also on the agenda was the scouts Regatta. Dad & Stephen built the boat (without some key steering components) while Mom decorated it. The race didn't go as well as anticipated but at the end of the night you still got the treat. At this Pack Meeting Stephen was awarded several pins from Weblos camp and other den meetings. Nice job!

Greg's New Hobby

Since the summer Greg has been searching all over for a road bike and now has finally jumped on the wagon...or at least his new bike. He outfitted himself and looks like a pro while riding down the street. He and Stephen have taken a few rides together. Let's Ride!

Catching Up

It's been awhile since I've posted last. We've had a busy last few months and things seem to be calming down before the next storm of activity hits. First up was a fun visit from our cousins from across the pond as they've now moved back to the states. Kris and the kids stayed with us for a few days before heading to their final destination, Oregon.

Dinner with the family: Kris, Kate, Lizzy, Emma, Evan, Nick & Stephen

Next up was the Midvale Harvest 5k run in August.

Ready to tackle the 5th Grade!

In September we had Dave visit for a few days before heading to meet up with his family. Grandma & Grandpa drove from Texas to join us.

Dinner at the Blue Boar Inn, Midway, Utah

Lastly, Emma began preschool! She attends 2 days a week for a few hours in the afternoon. She's been waiting to go to school but when she started she didn't really want to go back! "Wait, I have to go back again?" was running through her mind, but now she loves it and talks about her teacher and friends all the time.

Emma really is happy to go to school despite the grimace on her face.