Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Cavities Club

Both kids had dentist appointments the other day and did so amazing! Of course, the ceiling mounted TV helped a bunch too! Stephen was happy no to have flouride treatments and was proud to show his new loose tooth. (I'm not sure why a tooth doctor wouldn't just pull it out!) Emma, so excited to go to the dentist (because everyone else was), sat very still in the chair as they cleaned & polished her perfect baby teeth. She even let them floss! I was so proud of her first visit. At the end of the appointment each child got a goody bag and a prize of their choice. But wait, the fun didn't stop there! They also smiled for the camera to have their photo on the "No Cavities Club" wall of fame. SMILE!
A patient Patient
Check out those pearly whites!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Catching Up

I've been really bad about my postings. Here are a few things that have been happening around our house.

As a 5th Grader, Stephen completed all the DARE requirements and graduated from this program teaching students about drugs, alcohol, abuse, etc. It's a big deal for these 5th graders. Each graduate received a certificate from the Midvale Mayor, Detective DJ (the program instructor) and Miss Pine Valley. A surprise visit from the Jazz Bear made the whole event that much more special. We are so proud of you Stephen!

Posing with the Jazz Bear, who literally swept me off my feet!

Family Tree Colonial Project by Stephen. Each leaf represents an ancestor. What a big family!

Look at the concentration! Emma loves to cut paper & test her cutting skills. Just don't cut your hair!!!

Emma got a scooter for Christmas and is still figuring out if she likes it enough in the winter. She's got the hang of the scootering, but would do better come spring.

"UP" House

Grandma & Grandpa Cassat were able to join us this Christmas and we had a lot of fun, some down time and more fun. We took Grandma Jeanne to see Utah's "UP" house in South Jordan. It was really cool. The house looked just like the movie and when you walked in you almost expected to see Mr. Fredrickson coming down the stairs. The interior parts you see in the movie are just like the real house and then there were other rooms and closets the developers added to make it more functional. It was a great layout - you really could live there! Emma got an "Ellie" badge, but Stephen was too old for one. A perfect winter day outing.

Christmas 2011

Yes, it's almost Valentine's Day & I'm just getting around to posting Christmas photos & events. How pathetic, right? Anyway, here is a run down of our Christmas activities & the big day itself:

Emma w/Santa at her preschool performance

Searching for the stars in Grand America's window display

What is Christmas without seeing the lights on Temple Square?

Christmas Morning

Not shown: Stephen's school choir performed a christmas play but I was unsuccessful getting a good shot of him singing. I could barely see him at all! The play was darling anyway.