Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Fun

We've been busy as we countdown to Christmas. Everyday we have a fun activity to help us get excited about the holiday season. Some days are more fun than others. Here are a few fun days we've had with each other:

Playing Candy Land

Emma's reaction to winning every single game of Candy Land

Spotting the Elves at Gardner Village

Other activities include reading christmas stories with hot chocolate, watching Christmas specials and making treats for others. It's been fun involving the kids and watching them get excited to uncover the day's fun.

Gingerbread House

Every year we decorate a gingerbread house. In year's past we've purchased houses that you have to assemble yourself - not a good idea so now we get preassembled houses. Yes, I cheat but it makes for happier children as they place candies all over.

The finished project

Happy kids

Our decorating team


For the 2012 Reflections theme "Diversity Mean..." Stephen took this picture not far from our home to represent "Diversity in Colors". His photo was selected from the school level to move on to district level. Although he didn't win at district and move on to regional, we are very proud of this beautiful picture. Well done, Stephen!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Winter is here...

This is what welcomed us this morning

The cutest snow shovelers in the world (or at least OUR world)

Stephen's getting really good at clearing our driveway

It looks like it's time to put the shorts & flip-flops away and bring out the boots & coats.

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Warrior & A Princess

Here is how our Halloween went this year:

One Red Power Ranger

One Sleeping Beauty

4 bags of candy (gone in 45 minutes)

4 Halloween parties

Many happy smiles

Defending home and hearth

Emma was thrilled to be wearing some of mommy's make-up

Grandma Linda & Grandpa Cal at the school parade

Walking in the school Halloween Parade

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Autumn Activities

This fall has been filled with some fun activities for Stephen. He played community recreational soccer. The skill was there but the teams they played were way more intune with each other that all but one game Stephen's team lost. It was disappointing for him but those are the life lessons that make us stronger and more determined. He still had fun running around the field in his new soccer cleats. Also on the agenda was the scouts Regatta. Dad & Stephen built the boat (without some key steering components) while Mom decorated it. The race didn't go as well as anticipated but at the end of the night you still got the treat. At this Pack Meeting Stephen was awarded several pins from Weblos camp and other den meetings. Nice job!

Greg's New Hobby

Since the summer Greg has been searching all over for a road bike and now has finally jumped on the wagon...or at least his new bike. He outfitted himself and looks like a pro while riding down the street. He and Stephen have taken a few rides together. Let's Ride!

Catching Up

It's been awhile since I've posted last. We've had a busy last few months and things seem to be calming down before the next storm of activity hits. First up was a fun visit from our cousins from across the pond as they've now moved back to the states. Kris and the kids stayed with us for a few days before heading to their final destination, Oregon.

Dinner with the family: Kris, Kate, Lizzy, Emma, Evan, Nick & Stephen

Next up was the Midvale Harvest 5k run in August.

Ready to tackle the 5th Grade!

In September we had Dave visit for a few days before heading to meet up with his family. Grandma & Grandpa drove from Texas to join us.

Dinner at the Blue Boar Inn, Midway, Utah

Lastly, Emma began preschool! She attends 2 days a week for a few hours in the afternoon. She's been waiting to go to school but when she started she didn't really want to go back! "Wait, I have to go back again?" was running through her mind, but now she loves it and talks about her teacher and friends all the time.

Emma really is happy to go to school despite the grimace on her face.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Emma's Perspective

Every once in a while, Emma finds my camera and begins to take pictures. Some make the mark and others...well, see for yourself.
It's fun to see what she thinks is camera worthy. It's always interesting to see what new pictures I have on my camera, too!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome Home!

Elder Grandpa & Sister Grandma returned home from an 18-month mission to Italy on July 15, 2011. The whole family gathered at the International gate to welcome them home in true Price/Mascaro fashion. The kids ran around the terminal, Italian flags waved, adults chatted and marveled that the missionaries were coming home (didn't they just leave?) and to our delight President Uchtdorf was there...waiting for his son who was on the same flight.

Returned with Honor

Summer Fun!

We've had a fun and busy summer and I hope it doesn't end just yet. Stephen attended summer school, getting ready for the 5th grade & I worked in his class. Emma hung out at the sitter's while dad worked most days. That didn't mean we haven't had some jolly good times...swimming, movies, bowling, trips to the zoo and the gym (OK, that was MY fun time) & tennis lessons.
Daddy & Emma in the wave pool

Emma staying warm

The whole gang having a blast at Seven Peaks

E & S enjoying Dippin' Dots at the zoo

"Hit them all down, Stephen!"

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Aunt Berit Visits

My sweet sister-in-law came to Utah with her new husband, Darren, for a family wedding and we were lucky to have spent some time with them. All the kids love their Aunt Berit and she is really good about keeping tabs on them. Even Emma, who doesn't know Berit very well, warmed up quickly.

Emma & Stephen got a surprise visit from Berit and we went to the park to play!

Swinging and laughing

Berit, Darren and the kids.

We are so happy Berit has found happiness again and we can tell that Darren takes very good care of her. We love you Aunt Berit!

Ragnar 2011

Greg & I checked this item off our "bucket list": running the Wasatch Back, a relay of 2 teams, alternating legs so one van of 6 can "rest" (that's a joke!) while the other van of 6 runs. The race begins in Logan and ends in Park City, approximately 192 miles. After months of training and running, we met up with van #1 for the first exchange on June 17th. We had a blast! Our team "Don't Touch the Banana" was a great group of people and our van #2 was especially fun. It was a great chance to do something with Greg as a couple and cheer each other on. We all did great and we accomplished what we wanted to do: FINISH! (Oh, and get the really cool window sticker for the car :) )

"Don't Touch the Banana" team

Van #2 Rocks!

Greg running his 1st leg

Looking Good & Feeling Great on the last day!

Following the race, the runner's high remained long enough to want to do this crazy event again next year!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

School Days

School is officially out now, although we are currently attending summer school to keep us out of trouble for a few hours in the morning. Stephen had a great 4th grade experience and is ready to tackle 5th grade. (I'm not ready for him to be a 5th grader though!) Stephen mastered his multiplication and division facts, researched and presented a report on Utah's tiger salamander and a county report on Washington County, learned about weather and water cycles and Utah History. Stephen kept busy every Friday after school in the school choir and having fun on several field trips. 5th Grade here he comes!

Fieldtrip to This is the Place State Park

Pushing & Pulling Handcarts

Receiving Soaring Eagle Award

Final Choir Performance


Stephen is currently obsessed with everything temples and has an incredible memory for trivial facts such as dedication dates, places where temples are located and new ones being built. So on our trip to Las Vegas we detoured to a few temples along the way. He was so excited to see them. His goal is to see all the temples in Utah. Go for it Stephen!

(In order of visitation: Manti, Utah, Las Vegas, Nevada & St. George, Utah)