Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happiness Is...

...a meal at McDonald's and hours of playing on the playground. Greg & I love watching both kids play and get worn out. It gives us a chance to sit and chat. Playlands weren't made for kids, they were made for parents!

Happiness is also having someone to play with.

Once Upon A Princess...

...there was a princess about to turn 3! The kingdom rejoiced and threw her a very pink party. Dressed in her finest she held court for her royal subjects.

The king and queen attended as did all the princes to be found. Pink cupcakes and icecream were enjoyed by all. A resounding "Happy Birthday" filled the air (we've been practicing for a few weeks) and the candles were blown out without incident.

( This princess didn't want to get her hands dirty!) Princess Emma is so lucky to be surrounded by such awesome princes who will look after her -although I'm betting she'll be able to hold her own very soon...
Princess Emma couldn't wait for her birthday to arrive. For months everything she saw on TV or in the store I heard "for my birthday?". This princess wanted EVERYTHING but only got a few treasures.

We had such a fun time and did our best to throw a girl party with a bunch of boys. They were good sports, especially when they got their Ring Pops.

Happy Birthday Emma!