Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Nope, no snow, not even frost or fog for our 2013 Christmas.  The sun is shining, the temperature is about 68 degrees.  The only way I know it's Christmas is what transpired this morning...
 Waiting for the "go ahead"
 Checking out the stocking stuffers
 Getting down to business
Yep, looks like Christmas made it to our house again this year...

Merry Christmas!!

Candy Cane Lane

A time honored tradition - walking through Candy Cane Lane.  Every year the residents in a nearby neighborhood decorate their homes & yards & put on a light display like nowhere else.  Everything is voluntary (don't think about their power bills!) with some help from the community (Santa Claus visit).  Candy Cane Lane is a favorite with the locals...and us!

Taking In the Sights

During a week long of fall break we decided to do a little sight-seeing:  some close, some not so close.

First up was the lighthouse down the street from our home - Point Pinos.  The view is breathtaking as it faces the ocean keeping boats safe from the rocky coast.

 Next stop was Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA
The "house" took 25 years to complete all the building, additions, etc. & cost $30 million during the 1920's - 1930's.  A modest home for W.R. Hearst to entertain his A-list friends.  The property boasted a zoo, 2 pools, tennis courts, cottages & in home theatre.
Care for a swim?
The insides are just what you'd see in any castle in Europe - considering most of the insides came from castles & churches in Europe.

Next on the tour is the Mystery Spot

 The Mystery Spot is a gravitational anomaly located in the redwood forests just outside of Santa Cruz, California.

No, my camera is not tilted.  The shed is straight but the ground is sloping.  Hard to explain.  You just have to experience it for yourself!
Stephen & I were part of the experiment since we are about the same height.  He'd stand on one end of a board & I on the other end.  Inside mystery spot I was significantly taller but when we switched places & I stood outside the "spot" Stephen was much taller.  Weird, right?  Welcome to the "Twilight Zone"...

Giving Thanks

Emma's kindergarten class worked hard for their Thanksgiving program of poems, costumes, and coming up with their own Indian name.  Emma, aka Rainbow Flower, recited poems that taught colors, numbers, being thankful  while dressed up in her Indian head dress & necklace, banging on her drum.  What is she thankful for?  "My family".  Awwww

Little Dancer Girl

 Emma decided to try ballet.  What began as 1 6-week session turned out to be 5 6-week sessions.  She loved ballet so much that we continued the entire way through.  At the end of each session the parents are allowed to view a class, seeing what the dancers learned.  We were lucky that, although each session is taught the same techniques, the teacher added a bit more so Emma was able to really learn the positions plus a bit more each time.
Love that flexibility!