Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Emma's Perspective

Every once in a while, Emma finds my camera and begins to take pictures. Some make the mark and others...well, see for yourself.
It's fun to see what she thinks is camera worthy. It's always interesting to see what new pictures I have on my camera, too!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome Home!

Elder Grandpa & Sister Grandma returned home from an 18-month mission to Italy on July 15, 2011. The whole family gathered at the International gate to welcome them home in true Price/Mascaro fashion. The kids ran around the terminal, Italian flags waved, adults chatted and marveled that the missionaries were coming home (didn't they just leave?) and to our delight President Uchtdorf was there...waiting for his son who was on the same flight.

Returned with Honor

Summer Fun!

We've had a fun and busy summer and I hope it doesn't end just yet. Stephen attended summer school, getting ready for the 5th grade & I worked in his class. Emma hung out at the sitter's while dad worked most days. That didn't mean we haven't had some jolly good times...swimming, movies, bowling, trips to the zoo and the gym (OK, that was MY fun time) & tennis lessons.
Daddy & Emma in the wave pool

Emma staying warm

The whole gang having a blast at Seven Peaks

E & S enjoying Dippin' Dots at the zoo

"Hit them all down, Stephen!"