Friday, May 13, 2011

The Joys of Being Three

As Emma continues to amaze us with the life of a 3-year old I've noticed the joys and letdowns (some of them are mine) of being three.


You don't need to wear pants when you help cook mac & cheese

Potty Training (cute princess panties)

You look cute no matter where you sit (even outside Target)

Counting, ABC's, becoming a DVD expert

Walking around the store like a big girl

Mom's make-up, jewlery and combing everyone's hair


No more bottles (yes, I'm a bottle mom & she just got off them! Don't judge me!)

Potty Training (the mess)

Nap time reduction (I still need by 3 hours of quiet!)

No longer willing to sit in the shopping cart

The lists could go on, and some days it does. It is so fun to watch Emma come into her own person, to learn, explore, get frustrated and carry on the next day. It's great to be 3!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pinewood & Piano

Stephen's been busy creating his Pinewood Derby car and practicing for his Ensemble Concert. I've loved watching him plan out his car design, ask a neighbor for help cutting out the design, painting and decorating. It looked great even though it didn't win any awards for speed. It was a great night. This is Stephen's last official derby as he will soon advance to Weblos.Along with the derby Stephen's been preparing for the "Ensemble Concert" his fellow piano classmates participate in each May. The event is held at South Towne Center Mall in the center court. Several pianos are set up and at times all of them are being played at the same time. Many musical numbers were duets. Stephen did a great job despite missing the final practice being sick.

Easter Surprises

Spring Break at our house started out with fun plans until they were curbed by a measle scare in our ward. Emma developed a fever and suspicious looking rash so we were sidelined for several days. We could leave the house, but Emma couldn't. She didn't have the measles, as it turns out, but the health department wanted us to be very cautious. Emma was her normal self - jumping, dancing, etc. I think by the 3rd day of being stuck at home we were stir-crazy. That's when she really started to bounce of the walls. We did our best to make Easter fun.

The kids did enjoy a rare spring morning looking for easter eggs filled with goodies in our backyard. That tricky Easter Bunny hid eggs all over the yard, many hard to find (of course, our ridiculously long grass made it easy to conceal).