Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekend with Grandmas & Grandpas

Over Memorial Day weekend we were so lucky to have both Grandma & Grandpa Price & Cassat join us for Stephen's birthday and Aaronic Priesthood ordination.  The weather cooperated and we enjoyed ourselves showing them around the Monterey Peninsula.  Thanks so much for coming to see us!

Seeing the view from the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Emma's favorite...the seahorses

Taking in the sights...Bird Rock
17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach

The Lone Cypress Tree
17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach

The Lone Cypress Tree
The "Not So Lonely" Cassat/Price Family

Monday, June 10, 2013

Stephen's 12th Birthday

Wow!  Hard to believe that my little baby boy is now 12 years old (& not so little).  I look at him and marvel at how well he's adjusted to our new adventure in CA, taken his big brother role seriously and continues to be a super kid.  Happy Birthday, buddy!Here's how his birthday celebration started...

He really is thrilled for his birthday.  I think the "preteen angst" is just starting.

Making a wish or two... which includes chocolate cake for breakfast!

Ready for the Aaronic Priesthood

Preschool Graduation

Yes, Emma had graduated from preschool & is heading off to Kindergarten next fall!  Her graduation, which may seem silly, was adorable (& lasted 13 minutes) with caps & gowns, songs, diplomas & a potluck dinner afterward.  "Now that's my kind of graduation ceremony", says proud daddy, Greg. :)
A sampling of Emma's school work.  Notice all the pink...

 Graduate & awesome teacher, Ms. Michela

Ready for Kindergarten!!

Day at the Races

For Stephen's 12th birthday we took the family to the Mazda Le Mans series race at Laguna Seca, about 20 minutes inland from Monterey.  For the whole day we spent walking the paddocks seeing the racers, their cars, trailers and other sponsor/vendor booths.  The day was hot, we got sunkissed (despite the sunscreen & hats) and had a fabulous time!  Stephen was in heaven, Emma entertained herself walking along the bleachers & both Greg & I loved watching the kids enjoy themselves.

 Sweet 2013 'Vette

Emma trying out the Strider bike course

Mother's Day Brunch

Emma's preschool held a Mother's Day brunch complete with kiddo food (yogurt smoothies) & mommy food (quiche).  Each mom received a gift - picture clip & picture of our preschooler.  Thanks Emma for a being your mommy & for having a yummy brunch.
 Trying not smile with a mouth full of food

The Cassat girls!

Life's a Beach...

When we are experiencing a warm day we like to head to the beach to play...

Life's always better when you have someone to share it with

Sunday, June 9, 2013

International Day

On a beautiful & sunny (& actually warm) Saturday we visited the annual International Day hosted by the Naval Post Graduate School (NPS) in Monterey where students from all over the world who are attending school put on a day to celebrate their country.  Ethnic foods, smells & dances made for a festive afternoon. We enjoyed a bounce house, face painting, food, dancing, magic & coloring.

"Stephen" written in Korean

 "Emma" written in Korean

One of the many food booths

Point Lobos

One Saturday we hopped in the car with the intention of going to check out Big Sur when we decided to stop at Point Lobos State Park.  So fun.  We hiked the trails, looked out the Carmel bay and saw harbor seals and their babies sunbathing on the sand & frolicking in the water.  A beautiful day finished with dinner at a burger joint in Carmel.

 Mama seals & their babies
 Over looking the Carmel bay

 Interesting views

I'm not sure whose helping who along the path

Emma turns 5!

Emma couldn't wait for her birthday. (I wish she could read a calendar so I wouldn't have to keep telling her how many days until her birthday.)  The day went like this...
 You know it's your birthday when you get a balloon

 Pink cake with pink frosting with princess candles...for breakfast!
(Sugar headache came later)

 Pink birthday party at the park

 More pink cake

The cutest birthday present ever.  Now she can really be Rapunzel.


The weather on the Monterey Bay peninsula is pretty consistent which makes it hard to remember what season we are in until we see signs of spring...
 popcorn popping on the apricot tree

 petunias, pansies galore

And of course, April Priesthood Session

Easter 2013

Here is a look at what our Easter looked like...
First, we colored the eggs...

then we looked for the eggs...

And FINALLY we got our Easter baskets!