Friday, November 30, 2012

Hotel Living

You know you've stayed in the hotel too long when the only entertainment there is is using a roll of tape & your imagination.  Emma used up a whole roll of scotch tape one night taping fingers, faces, door knobs & the dresser drawers.  Do you think she's bored?

Greg spent a few minutes UNtaping everything after Emma went to bed.
I hope we find a house soon!

Goodbye Utah...

Hello California!  On November 9 we loaded up the kids & car & followed the moving trucks out of Midvale on the first snowy day of the year.  What fun (not really) it was to watch the snow pile up and wonder if we would be able to drive to Reno that night.  Luckily (& blessedly) the roads were clear and dry for us to make it to our destination that night.  The next day we made it to Monterey, CA & sunny skies.  We have been searching & searching for our new home but nothing yet.  Keep fingers crossed!

Snowy Utah...last look at our home

Gorgeous CA sunset

 Checking out the beach

Don't be's not warm


Trick & treating was a pleasant day & evening as the kids enjoyed parties at school, a jack o'lantern pizza dinner & walking the church parking lot in search of goodies.  Stephen dressed up as GI Joe while Emma chose to wear last year's Sleeping Beauty princess (I don't think she knows that she can change costumes each year).  At the end of the night I HAD to check the kids candy bags - as all good moms do - and picked my favorites.  There goes my diet.... :)

Wheeler Farm in the Fall

 Fall break brought us to our favorite go-to place - Wheeler Farm.  We took the kids and spent a few hours taking a tractor ride, walk through a maze, pick out a pumpkin in the patch & of course feeding the ducks.  It was a beautiful fall day with clear blue skies & pleasant warm weather.

Resting in the hay maze

My scary monsters!

City Creek

Before leaving Utah we had to check out the gorgeous new shopping experience in Salt Lake City - City Creek.  This is an amazing "mall" (too fancy to be called a mall but that is what it really is) that spans two sides of the street.  Beautiful fountains, the creek running through the mall, incredible shops & stops at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory & Disney.

October Priesthood Session

Stephen's been attending priesthood sessions since he turned 8 (mostly for the reward of eating out :)。  Each time we take a picture before he & dad take off.  I think we could see Stephen's growth from each picture we take since he was 8.  He is looking forward to turning 12 & receiving the priesthood.
My 2 handsome men

The Family that exercies together...

...stays together
Greg & Stephen swinging the kettleball


This is a new & amazing sporting goods store in Sandy, UT that opened end of September & we just had to check it out.  Chances are that we wouldn't buy anything (we think overpriced) but fun to visit.