Thursday, May 29, 2014

Oakland Temple Trip

We were fortunate enough to take everyone up the Oakland to attend the temple:  baptisms for the youth, endowment session for the adults while Emma was playing with other supervised kids in the church adjacent to the temple.  No longer having temples 15 minutes away, we realize what a sacrifice it is for us to make it to the temple but still important to make the effort as often as possible.  It was a great day, beautiful weather & a strong spirit.

Teenager Alert!

On May 24, 2014 we woke up to find a teenager in the house!  Hard to believe our little guy is not so little anymore (well, hasn't been in a long time).  Standing at 5'6" he's now the 2nd tallest in the family with Emma not far behind.  Here's a look at how Stephen spent his first day as a teenager:

 Testing out his "new" clubs
 (Look sideways..."13" in cupcakes)
 Teenager's healthy party, soda, cake
Buddies celebrating

We ended the night with a trip to the movie theater to watch "Captain America:  The Winter Soldier"

Whew!  It's hard work being a new teenager's mom but I LOVE HIM!!

Lover's Point

Every spring, Lover's Point, which is just down the street from where we live, turns into a magical carpet of purple flowers.  I dragged the kids after school one day to take a few photos.  The "carpet" isn't soft so the grimaces may make sense...

e sense..

San Francisco Fieldtrip

Stephen & his 7th grade class went on a fieldtrip to the San Fran. Science Museum for the day.  Stephen took along my camera & this is some of what he saw...

6 years old & getting cuter

Emma could hardly wait to be 6 & we couldn't wait either.  Her birthday fell on a Saturday so we had the whole day to play.  Our ward had an Easter breakfast & egg hunt that got the day started for us.

 Good morning 6 year old!!

Emma & her friends for a tea party

San Diego

Part 2 of our trip. We headed further down south to visit Sea World for the day.  It was the winter hours so the park closed early, but by then we were ready to exit.  We enjoyed more sun & heat, awesome performances and rides.

Had to stop by and see the San Diego LDS temple

Southern California

For the February President's Day week-long holiday, we headed down south for our family vacation to Disneyland & San Diego.  It was so nice to get away, enjoy the heat & sun, and just be together. 

 Newport LDS Temple

The Magic Kingdom

Greg was too big to fit in the teacup with all of us.  I don't think he minded.

 Emma's favorite parade float...all Disney Princesses

Look who dropped in for a photo op