Monday, February 21, 2011

Basketball & Love

Not that those 2 go together, but in my house sometimes they do. This winter Stephen played Jr. Jazz, #25, and this is the year he finally got a good handle on the game. He did amazing! He scored, dribbled, passed and rebounded. A chip off the ole block. Greg became the coach a few games into the season and did a great job teaching the team the basics while having lots of fun. Each team member improved over the weeks and we were sad to see the season end just as they were working together as a team and understanding the game.

For Valentine's Day the kids didn't have school so Greg & I surprised Stephen with a yummy breakfast in bed complete with pink waffels, bacon and eggs. Cupid left a toy and treat for him also. Eating in bed is nice but gets lonely so he finally join us at the kitchen table to finish breakfast. Emma slept through it all which is probably a good thing since she loves to jump on Stephen's bed - no matter if one is trying to sleep or eat. Cupid brought her a Tinkerbell backpack for "school" and a treat also.

Extreme Makeover

Finally! We are done with our flooring remodel! It wasn't as bad as I expected it to go, even though it took longer than originally planned. The house looks amazing! We put in new carpeting in the master bedroom, living and family rooms and laminate in the front entryway, hallway and kitchen. The after photos speak for themselves. New house rules: shoes off! We are happy to have this new look - even if it means slippery floors (sorry Emma!) and more sweeping ! :)