Sunday, November 1, 2009


What an eventful Halloween weekend we had. We kicked off the Halloween fun with a school parade on Thursday, Oct. 29 followed later that same day with Stephen's first piano recital. He did great on both of his spooky music pieces. He has great stage presence. He'll tell you he was nervous, but you couldn't tell by the way he played. On Halloween night we fed Harry Potter and Little Witch a fun jack-o-lantern pizza and headed out for the fun. I took the kids to a few houses and then Stephen and dad finished up while Emma and I ate, I mean passed out the candy. The little trick-or-treaters were quickly transformed back into Stephen and Emma and put to sleep. Too much excitement (plus early church the next day!) made for an early night.

10 Years and Counting!

Greg & I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary by spending some "couple time". We dropped the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa Price's, hopped in the get-away car for some relaxing time together. We first treated ourselves to pedicures - yes even Greg had his feet done and they look fantastic! We decided to stay local so we spent two wonderful days in downtown SLC at the Little America. Wow! We forgot how much you can get done without kids around! We stayed up late, slept in, went to movies that didn't include talking animals or was animated and walked everywhere. The special highlights for us was the temple session and attending the Tabernacle Choir broadcast. After picking up the kids we wanted the magic to continue a bit longer so we drove to see the Mt. Timpanogos Temple where we were married on October 23, 1999. Stephen enjoyed walking around with me while I showed him all the places we had our pictures taken. It was hard to come back to reality - dirty diapers, homework, work and laundry. We had a great time reconnecting and can really see how far we've come in ten years. We truly have a wonderful life!