Sunday, July 3, 2011

Aunt Berit Visits

My sweet sister-in-law came to Utah with her new husband, Darren, for a family wedding and we were lucky to have spent some time with them. All the kids love their Aunt Berit and she is really good about keeping tabs on them. Even Emma, who doesn't know Berit very well, warmed up quickly.

Emma & Stephen got a surprise visit from Berit and we went to the park to play!

Swinging and laughing

Berit, Darren and the kids.

We are so happy Berit has found happiness again and we can tell that Darren takes very good care of her. We love you Aunt Berit!

Ragnar 2011

Greg & I checked this item off our "bucket list": running the Wasatch Back, a relay of 2 teams, alternating legs so one van of 6 can "rest" (that's a joke!) while the other van of 6 runs. The race begins in Logan and ends in Park City, approximately 192 miles. After months of training and running, we met up with van #1 for the first exchange on June 17th. We had a blast! Our team "Don't Touch the Banana" was a great group of people and our van #2 was especially fun. It was a great chance to do something with Greg as a couple and cheer each other on. We all did great and we accomplished what we wanted to do: FINISH! (Oh, and get the really cool window sticker for the car :) )

"Don't Touch the Banana" team

Van #2 Rocks!

Greg running his 1st leg

Looking Good & Feeling Great on the last day!

Following the race, the runner's high remained long enough to want to do this crazy event again next year!